The Hellboy Slot is Coming…

On the back of just introducing the amazing Scrooge slot machine to the 32Red Online Casino, we’re pleased to announce another big, new addition is heading your way in January, and they don’t come any bigger than this slot…In fact we don’t think there’s been a bigger game or one more destined to become a classic. Set for a mid-January launch, 32Red welcomes…Hellboy.

That’s right, the smash hit comic and basis for two blockbuster films, Hellboy, is set to to take the online casino by storm in January. Featuring all the regular cast in graphics rendered perfectly from the comic and the very latest in online slot technology, Hellboy is going to rock your slot world.

5 reels and 20 paylines of stunning artwork and generous spins, Hellboy is capable of producing big wins from the reels, from the 4 different stages of the Underworld Bonus and the game’s amazing supermode. In all it’s possible to win just under £100,000 in the game’s jackpot – plus there’s an array of other big payouts to be won.

Get more about the Hellboy slot.

“But who is Hellboy?” you ask. Fans of the comic or the films will need no introduction, but those new to the genre may need a little more information to appreciate just how big this slot is going to be.

Hellboy is a demon summoned by Nazi occultist during World War II. An effort that failed when the red, horned demon was found by the Allies. Named Hellboy, he was taken to a US Air Force base and nurtured by the Prof Trevor Bruttenholm. There he was raised a “normal” boy, despite said horns and bright red complexion, and imbued with all the virtues of a hero. In time he became a paranormal investigator and “demon for good” using all his natural demon strength and his giant right arm made of stone. The pivotal member of the BRPD – the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense – Hellboy is joined by a team of other specialists with “unique” skills, and together they battle evil for the good of Earth.

This has been the basis for years of a hugely popular and ongoing comic book series and, more recently, two smash hit films: Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy II: the Golden Army (2008). So successful were the films that a third is rumoured and we’re positive that Hellboy’s transition to online slot and 32Red will mean further success for what is already a fantastic and growing franchise.

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