Bingo Help & Features

Bingo Help & Features

Find out how to register, learn about our generous bonuses or explore the great features at 32Red!


Bingo Help & Features

Whether you are new to online bingo or a regular at another site, we're aware that things are sometimes different than what you are used to. Bonuses are different (nobody else offers a bonus every time you deposit do they?), the layout is different and even the terminology used can change - our handy guide should help you feel right at home when you play at 32Red.

Getting Started

If you're new to 32Red you may want to check out this page. It will guide you through the registration process and give you a hand claiming the bonuses on offer. It's really easy, but this will make it even easier. Take a look at our getting started guide.

Bingo Room Rules

We know rules are boring, but to make sure the bingo rooms are as friendly as we want them to be, we've put together a guide on how we'd like you to treat other bingo players in the chat. It's pretty basic stuff really. Read our bingo rules.

Bingo Bonuses

We love awarding players with bingo bonuses, so much so that we give you a bonus on every deposit with our re-deposit bonus. But where can you spend your bingo bonuses? Find out on our bingo bonus page.

Slots/Casino Bonuses

Fancy a spin of our wide range of slot machines while playing bingo? Have you been given a casino bonus from one of our many promotions? Our casino bonus page will give you some help on how casino bonuses work at 32Red.

Bingo Chat Games

Our hard-working chat hosts love to keep you entertained while playing bingo, they've got tons of games to do just that. But what can you play and in what room? Find our more on our bingo chat games page.

PayPal Bingo

It's a question we get asked a lot. Can I play at 32Red using PayPal as my deposit method. Well, the short answer is Yes, you certainly can! To find out more check out our PayPal Bingo page.

Everything Else

Can't find what you are looking for? Don't worry, we have a team of helpers on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Simply head over to our Help Centre where you will find a lot more answers to common questions and also details on how to contact us.


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