Bingo Rules

Bingo is great fun and played by people with a passion for the game. On rare occasions however, this can lead to over excitement and frayed tempers which can be reflected in the chat. To ensure a fun, friendly bingo environment 32Red Bingo ask players to follow the guidelines below.

Etiquette towards the Bingo Host

We encourage interaction between players and hosts but they can get very busy making sure 32Red Bingo has the best playing environment on the Internet. So we ask players to kindly follow the guidelines below:

  • Please be patient when asking a bingo host a question. They will answer it. In some cases you may need to contact our Player Experience Team, especially with questions regarding your account.
  • Please appreciate that the bingo host must manage the game and all the players to make sure everyone enjoys a good, fun bingo game. Therefore, his or her authority must be respected by all players.
  • Bingo hosts will try to settle any arguments between players but will always remain neutral.
  • Bingo hosts are identified in chat by typing in capital letters. Please refrain from using capital letters so the host's comments remain distinct from that of players.
  • Impersonating a Bingo Host is forbidden. Players caught doing this can be banned by the host.

Player Treatment

Bingo can reduce people to screaming at their monitors, waiting for that last number to be called. Although we understand how frustrating this can be, we ask players to observe the rules below to maintain good a natured chat room.

  • Please remember that what you deem fun and amusing may not be interpreted in the same way by others. Please keep usernames clean with no offensive, sexual, racial or otherwise unpleasant names.
  • Winning is a great feeling. Not winning can make people feel a little miffed. So please be humble in victory and, if you can, gracious in defeat. This will keep chat fun and lighthearted.
  • Please do not insult, bully or harass another bingo player. 32Red Bingo will immediately eject and ban perpetrators. If you do not like someone simply ignore them and keep playing until you beat them (at bingo!).
  • Some of our players do not like to chat and will ignore any efforts to be contacted. This is their right and their silence does not warrant abuse or pestering.
  • We're really very flexible, open minded people at 32Red Bingo. Nearly all conversations are permitted and, in fact, encouraged. However, there are limits. Please abstain from truly outrageous chat, or conversations that could offend.
  • We shouldn't need to say this, but please NO racism. Not even a little bit. Any racist insult will result in a permanent ban.
  • There can be no soliciting or advertising on chat - people are here to play bingo.
  • Please do not donate/lend money to other players.

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