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General rules

At 32Red Bingo, players may receive both Bingo Bonus Money (BBz) and Casino Bonus Money. These are two separate accounts and can only be used in their respective games (i.e. Bingo Bonus Money can only be used to play bingo and not on the casino games, whilst Casino Bonus Money can be used to play casino games but not bingo).

Please see the below table which will explain where Casino Bonus Money and Bingo Bonus money can be used:

Casino Bonus Money

32Red Bingo has a Casino Bonus System which is extremely simple to use. Here's how it works...

The first thing to remember is that you can play all of the casino games on offer with your Cash Balance, however Bingo Bonus Money (also referred to as 'BBz' in bingo) can not be used to play the casino games. In addition to your Bingo Bonus Account you are given a 'Casino Bonus Account' where you can receive bonus money to play the casino games.

When you are playing casino games you will be playing with your Cash Balance and your Casino Bonus Balance. Together these form your Total Balance, which will be the amount of 'Real Credits' shown in the bottom left of the casino game you are playing. If you would like to see a breakdown of your Total Balance into your Cash and Bingo Bonus Balances you need to go to the Cashier/Banking section where you will see a Balance summary.

Few important points you need to know about the Casino Bonus Account...

  • You are allowed to play with your Total Balance on all of the casino games.
  • The Casino Bonus Account has play-through (wagering) requirements. As you play and meet the play-through requirements, the bonus is released to your Cash Account in 10 casino credit increments
  • Any bonus credited to your Casino Bonus Account is subject to play-through requirements of thirty (30). (Further information please see the full Terms and Conditions).

And here's an example of how it works...

A player with a Cash Balance of £100 and a Casino Bonus Balance of £20 will have a Total Balance of £120.

The play-through requirement for the £20 bonus will be 20x30=£600. For every £300 wagered, £10 will be released from the Casino Bonus Account and added to the Cash Account until all the bonus balance has been played through.

Terms and Conditions for Bonus System

1. Rules

A Player's Casino account consists of their Cash Account and a Casino Bonus Account. Withdrawals cannot be made from the Casino Bonus Account, but the Casino Bonus Account can be used to place wagers.

Withdrawals can be made at any time from the Cash Account with the exception of Real money winnings derived from any complimentary, promotional Bingo Bonus Money or Free Tickets received by the Player are not eligible for withdrawal. If a withdrawal request is submitted, only winnings from real money purchases will be processed.

Specific play-through (wagering) requirements are indicated in the terms and conditions of each promotion.

2. Terms & Conditions

Bonus amounts credited to a Casino Bonus Account are subject to thirty (30) times play-through before they may be withdrawn.

Different games played may contribute a different percentage of the play-through requirement - up to 100%.

The contributing percentages are as follows: (a) 100% - all Slots, American Roulette, Keno, Flip Ticket and Scratch Ticket. (b) 50% - all Table Pokers and European Roulette (c) 10% - all Video/Power Pokers (except Aces Video/Power Pokers), all Blackjacks and Baccarat (d) 2% - All Aces Video/Power Pokers, Classic Blackjack

  • As the required play-through requirements are met, funds are automatically transferred from the Casino Bonus Account to the Cash Account in increments of 10 credits.
  • Play-through requirements are achieved when any real money wager is made. Please note: Any wagering made using the Gamble Feature on Slot games or the Double Feature on Video/Power Pokers will not count towards play-through requirements.
  • Real money wagers are deducted from the Cash Account. If there is no cash available, the wager is deducted from the Casino Bonus Account. Funds in the Casino Bonus Account are only played if there are insufficient credits in the cash balance.
  • When a withdrawal is made, the Casino Bonus Account balance is reset to zero. This means that a Player can choose to take back money they've deposited, but will lose any bonus money still remaining in their Casino Bonus Account.
  • Winnings on wagers made from the Cash Account are credited directly to the Cash Account. Winnings on wagers made from the Casino Bonus Account are credited to the Casino Bonus Account.
  • If crediting a Player's Casino Bonus Account with winnings results in the Casino Bonus Account balance exceeding the size of the original bonus amount, any excess winnings are credited to the Player's Cash Account.

Note: This is less any automatic transfers from the Casino Bonus Account to the Cash Account that had occurred.

Last updated: 17th December 2010, 18:20 GMT. For a full list of our terms and conditions, please click here.


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