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10 most extreme Guinness World Records


10 most extreme Guinness World Records

10 most extreme Guinness World Records

Do you remember getting the Guinness Book of Records as a kid at Christmas? Marvelling at people from all over the world for their amazing feats? Or perhaps you’ve got a soft spot for Kriss Akabusi and his classic TV programme Record Breakers?

Whatever your memories, Guinness World Records™ are still making mouths drop, with new records being set every day. We’ve looked back at ten of the weirdest, bravest and most disgusting records ever achieved on this mad planet.

    1. Beehive yourself
      Ruan Liangming, a complete nutter from China, covered himself in 637,000 bees. That’s about 63.7kg, in case you wanted to know, which broke the record for “Heaviest Bee Mantle.” While this record looks like it was quite the buzz, we’d advise anyone trying this at home to bee careful.
    2. Water way to break the record
       A real team effort; the Jiangxi Team of Chinese Youth Water Ski Show team and the Rock Aqua Jays Water Ski Club of the USA combined to form the longest human water skiing pyramid. 48 people in total formed a quadruple 4-tier pyramid back in September 2012.
    3. Nailed it
      It must have been a nail-biting wait for the next record breaker… or not. Lee Redmond holds the record for the longest fingernails ever. They grew to an amazing 28ft and 4.5 inches over 29 years before she lost them in a car accident.
    4. Worm your way out of this one
      There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden, and he’s about to be eaten by Sven Bjorkman. The Swede had to show a lot of backbone in this next record. He ate 82 worms in just 30 seconds, making him a record holder and a disgusting human being. Well done, Sven!
    5. Burning rubber
      “What did you do at the weekend?” “Oh you know, just broke the record for longest distance motorcycle through a tunnel of fire.” That’s the conversation Indian Shabir Ahluwalia might have had with his mates in Mumbai in March 2011. In the home of the curry, he experienced a “flaming tunnel” of a different type as he raced through 68.49m of fire on his bike and had a nice refreshing soak in water afterwards. Well deserved.
    6. Bog standard
      At least Kevin Shelley’s girlfriend doesn’t worry about him leaving the seat up. The American holds the record for most toilet seats BROKEN by his head. He managed a headache-inducing 46 in one minute, but failed to eclipse his previous efforts in this video.
    7. Make it snappy
      Casey Severn released 53 mouse traps on his tongue in one minute back in 2011. This tongue-bashing record is one way to get someone to “shut their trap.”
    8. Texas chainsaw glass-cutter
      You know the situation. You’ve got everyone round for drinks when you realise there’s no bottle opener. Wouldn’t be a problem for John Nicholson, from the US, who opened a record 18 bottles of beer in a minute with a chainsaw. Yes, that’s a record.
    9. Ice say
      This story would be more than just an ice-breaker for Wim Hof of the Netherlands, it’s a record breaker. Wim spent 1 hour 41 minutes covered in ice, to better the previous record for full body ice contact endurance.
    10. He’s mustard up the courage
      Denis Klefenz from Germany’s record might get up your nose a bit. He drank an eye-watering 294g of mustard from a tube in 30 seconds. Absolutely condiment-al!

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