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14 reasons to play online casino games

14 reasons to play


14 reasons to play online casino games

14 reasons to play online casino games

Want a good reason to play the latest online casino games at 32Red? We can do better than that. Here’s 14 reasons why embracing the thrill of the online wager is just so irresistible.

Please note – we’re all about gambling as a form of responsible fun. We are also serious about Safer Gambling. Read more here – and remember, when the fun stops, stop.

  1. Excitement

    If you’re a certain type of gambler, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of placing a flutter. Whether you’re getting your kicks watching the roulette wheel spin or the reels rotate, there’s just something about this hobby that gets the adrenaline surging. Again, we’d like to emphasise it’s important to play responsibly!

  2. Relaxation

    Conversely, there’s plenty of gambling fans who find the experience of playing slots an oddly peaceful pastime. It all depends on the slot of course, but spinning the reels can definitely make for a soothing break from the everyday grind.
    Roulette wheel

  3. Variety

    It’s the spice that gives life that little extra kick. And if you’re seeking casino-based thrills, you won’t come up short of options at 32Red. From slots to table games, our diverse selection of games means that whatever your tastes, you’ll find something to keep you satisfied.

  4. Number of slots

    There’s already more than a thousand slots currently waiting to be discovered at 32Red. We also add new slots to our existing range frequently – every week you’ll find new releases to explore.

  5. Free to play slots

    If you’re wary about jumping straight in, many of our slots offer a free demo mode. Fire it up, and you can familiarise yourself with the game mechanics without having to risk actual money. Definitely useful for the more cautious gamers…
    Mobile Phone Casino Games

  6. Streaming

    If you view slots as your hobby, now you can develop it by streaming video broadcasts of you playing slots and casino games in real-time. Various online casino gamers regularly post videos of them playing online, on services like Twitch and Youtube. If you’re happy sharing your experience, maybe streaming could bring a whole new aspect to the entertainment – and help you discover your own audience, too.

  7. Convenience

    If you want to play casino games on the bus, in the bathroom, or walking down Billericay High Street – you can. Play on your mobile phone, and wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, the casino is there in the palm of your hand.

  8. No pressure

    Let’s be honest, when you visit a casino in real life, you might feel self-conscious about playing a table game you’re unfamiliar with. You might also think twice about trying a new tactical approach that you’ve read about or devised yourself.
    Playing online vastly reduces the possibilities for moments of confusion or embarrassment that you might get when you play in an actual casino. Online, the worst-case scenario is that you try something new, and it doesn’t work the way you thought it would. No biggie. You’ve effectively got a safe environment to learn new games and attempt the wackiest of tactics to your heart’s content. What’s not to like?

  9. Promotions

    Play with 32Red and you’ll find all sorts of bonuses and promotions to make your time with us that much more appealing – check our promo section out now to see what’s currently available.

  10. Greater range of options with table games.

    In a real casino, chances are you’ll be limited to a few fairly standard tables of roulette and blackjack. At 32Red, we offer a number of different takes on those stalwart casino games, with various different reasons to play – like multipliers that can increase the value of your winnings significantly, for instance. But there are also more offbeat games to be discovered, like baccarat, craps, and even TV gameshow style games like Cash or Crash Live and Mega Wheel

  11. Verisimilitude!

    It’s a fancy college professor word, but all it means is an experience that’s close to the real thing. And playing Live Casino feels as close as you can get to stepping through the doors of a real-life gambling den…

  12. Multi-task

    Play online, and you can play while you’re doing something else. Great news if the TV show you’ve been roped into watching isn’t much cop, for instance…

  13. Progressive Jackpots

    … that is, huge, potentially multi-million pound prizes. If you’re chasing the biggest jackpots of all, check our dedicated progressive jackpot section today.

  14. Big money wins

    Even if you don’t land one of those progressive ‘pots, there are significant smaller prizes, with the possibility to win thousands even when you play at the lowest stakes. With recent release The Great Albini 2, for instance, the Grand Prize award is 20,000x your stake!

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