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5 facts about Pancake Day that will blow your mind


5 facts about Pancake Day that will blow your mind

5 facts about Pancake Day that will blow your mind

Bonkers about batter? Crazy for crepes? If you’re a fervent fan of the ever-popular pancake, it’s time to tuck in…

Yes, Shrove Tuesday is the only day of the year when it’s acceptable to wolf down plate after steaming plate of this delicious foodstuff. Slather it in syrup, splatter it with chocolate sauce – whatever you’re into, it’s all good and we won’t judge you for it.

But how much do you really know about this day? Allow us to fill in the blanks in your pancake know-how.

1 While the rest of the world prefers tasty dishes stacked with pancakes and bacon, Swedish people prefer Blodplattar – pancakes comprised of pig’s blood.

2 In scenes reminiscent of The Wicker Man, during olden times pagan worshippers would offer up pancakes to their gods by ‘sacrificing’ the delicious foodstuff in large bonfires.

3 The world’s biggest ever pancake measured 15 metres – and weighed a stunning three tonnes!  Made in Rochdale, Manchester, to flip this pancake you’d require an industrial crane.

4 To sample the world’s most expensive pancake, you’ll need a time machine. Back in 2014, the pricey pancake was served for one day only at the Opus One Restaurant in Manchester – where you’d find a nightmarishly huge wad of pancakes comprised of Scottish lobster, Beluga caviar and Hulle Verge truffle. Served in a hollandaise sauce made with Dom Perignon Rose champagne, this pancake monstrosity cost a wallet-busting £800…

5 Hayden Wilson holds the record for most pancakes eaten in one sitting; the hungry Australian once ate 80 pancakes in 17 minutes and 26 seconds…

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