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5 people you always see at a poker table


5 people you always see at a poker table

5 people you always see at a poker table

Sit down at any poker table and you’ll see the same ol’ characters – the shark, the newbie, the guy with a never-ending bankroll. To help you adapt to your opponents and work out their playing personality, we’ve compiled a handy guide in association with 32Red Poker. Swot up on these five people you always meet at a poker table, and you might just leave the table with that juicy cash pot.

The rookie

You can usually spot a rookie from a mile off because they’ve no idea what they’re doing. Rookies are completely new to the game and are ace at losing money fast. They bet too often, raise too high and are clueless about when to fold. The good news is they tend to bleed a lot of money; so mop up as much as you can with your mad poker skills.

The textbook player

The textbook player is a bit better than the rookie. But only because he spends all his evenings reading Poker 101. The fact he sticks to the rules makes him easier to read than a nursery book. He won’t play many hands and, when he does, they’re usually on low stakes. Learn his game plan and you’ll find making the right calls against him, as easy as ABC.

The whale

Play poker long enough and you’ll bump into one of these ultra-wealthy types. They’ve normally got a bankroll as deep as a Barry White love song and they’re not too fussed about blowing their cash. Whales love to gamble and they rarely say no to re-buying. So, if this rich type sits down at your table, get ready to make it rain.

The maniac 

Maniacs are the really wild players at the table. They wager on a lot of hands and almost always bet aggressively. You can lose a lot of money with this player, as they’re not afraid to raise you, and then raise some more. A maniac usually has no clear game plan so don’t waste your time trying to suss them out. On the plus side, the pots are always bigger with these players at the table. Just hold onto your hat because it’ll be a roller-coaster ride.

The shark

Sharks are the undisputed kings of the poker world and love to prey on weaker players. These predatory types know every trick in the book and always take the time to calculate the best move. Unlike rookies or whales, they aren’t scared to fold more often that they bet, if the odds aren’t in their favour. Easily switching up their style of play, sharks are constantly on the hunt for the next pot to sink their teeth into.

Are you a poker shark? Or do you prefer to swim with the fishes? Tell us your poker type below!

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