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5 Reasons to love Squeeze Baccarat

Play Squeeze Baccarat online at 32Red Casino


5 Reasons to love Squeeze Baccarat

5 Reasons to love Squeeze Baccarat

Until recently Squeeze Baccarat was a coveted secret, a connoisseur’s casino favourite – especially in gaming mecca Macau, where fans of the game enjoy playing Baccarat at the highest stakes possible. Now this popular game is available at your favourite online casino UK. As with standard Baccarat, the concept is pretty simple. Players choose to bet on the Banker, Player or Tie, with additional bets on Pairs…. The added thrill of Squeeze Baccarat is the ritual. Dealers slowly reveal the cards. It makes the game more exciting, and whereas this form used to be limited to brick-and-mortar casinos, you can now enjoy Squeeze Baccarat online. We even have a version at 32Red Live Casino called Controlled Squeeze, where you get to squeeze the cards yourself! You can even play it on your mobile or tablet.

So if you fancy something a bit different, come and try your hand at this hidden gem in our Live Casino.

  1. You get to say things like Squeezing paint and Squeezing an Ace (with a straight face). Baccarat slot revealDepending on how a card is squeezed, you can determine what it’s going to be by how many symbols you see. If you see ‘paint’, then it’s going to be a face card. If the dealer squeezes and you see blank, that means you have an Ace. It’s the only card that has nothing printed at the top. If it’s not an ace or a face card, then it must be a number between 2-10. The symbol in the top centre of the card is called a pip or squeezing point. If you see two symbols, this is referred to as squeezing legs. Got all that?

2. Be James Bond! James Bond Baccarat 32Red CasinoIn nearly all Bond films you’ll see our favourite 00 agent has a serious thing for Baccarat. In casinos all around the world he takes time off his international schedule to sit at the Punto Blanco table and play a few hands. So you might want to fire up Squeeze Baccarat on your MI6 remote-laser touchscreen gadget (mobile or tablet that is) and don your dickey bow to make it a night to remember!

3. It’s simple! One of the great things about Baccarat is …  simplicity. Choose Banker, Player or Tie – you have three choices. You can also bet on pairs, but still it’s an easy game to play and that definitely doesn’t make it any less exciting – far from it.

baccarat player winsbanker wins baccarat

4. Suspense! Our Squeeze Baccarat variation really brings an edge of excitement to the game. There’s nothing like the slow reveal, and these dealers have mastered the art of the squeeze.

5. Squeeze it yourself. You can feel even closer to the action with our Controlled Squeeze tables. This new, state-of-the-art feature allows you to squeeze the card yourself. Either peel slowly or turn it over quickly, it’s up to you! Live Casino has never been this real.

Control Squeeze Baccarat at 32Red

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