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7 reasons why roulette is one of the most popular online casino games


7 reasons why roulette is one of the most popular online casino games

7 reasons why roulette is one of the most popular online casino games

Roulette. It’s the top class table game that can be maddening and majestic at equal turns. But what is it that makes this classic casino experience so timeless?

We’ve come up with seven indisputable reasons why roulette will spin you right round baby, right round…

Simple to play

If you’re looking to ease your way into the world of Live Casino, roulette is the perfect introduction. Simple to understand, yet reliably compelling whether you’re spinning for the first time or the 1001st, roulette could not be more straightforward as a concept. Though if you do want to know more, check out the finer points here.

In essence, you make your bet, then wait for the outcome. And whether you deal in cold, calculated mathematical probability or prefer a more fatalistic approach, one thing’s certain – roulette’s rules are not going to leave you baffled.

A range of different ways to approach the game

Red or black? Odds or even? Like to spread your bets on a few favourite numbers, or look at the stats and focus on the pockets that have already proved to be popular? For such a simple game, one of roulette’s great strengths is that there are so many different ways to play.

It’s always fun to try a different tack – particularly if they start paying off. Our advice? Next time you play roulette, check out the “racetrack” section of the table, and try Les Voisins Du Zero. With almost half the table covered at a modest stake, it’s my personal favourite approach at the moment. Which is not to say I always win playing that way. Sometimes, though…

Potential for big wins

A big part of roulette’s allure is that if you get lucky, you could really land a decent payout. Individual numbers pay out at 35/1. Even if you prefer to cover more than a handful of numbers in order to give yourself a bigger chance of winning, it’s easy to see that there’s scope here for a memorable session.

Obviously, your returns will depend on your stakes, and nobody should bet beyond a level they feel comfortable with. For former Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, that level is far beyond anything most of us could dream of.

Still, Mike’s methodology is intriguing – he once won £1.3 million on a “complete” bet – that is, a bet that covers every conceivable permutation featuring a single number (Ashley’s number is 17, if you were wondering). See the image below for a better illustration of what I’m talking about.

It’s a sophisticated take on gambling

Blame all those James Bond movies, or – if you know your pop culture history – the Rat Pack getting loud and louche in Las Vegas.

The image of tuxedo-wearing, bourbon-sipping fellows like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra might seem quaint now. But somehow, the combination of boisterous boy’s fun with the atmosphere of the gaming rooms makes for a casino experience that feels a little more cultivated than, say, buying a scratchcard.

And somehow, that old school elegant excitement can even be sensed when you’re playing online on your mobile (or maybe I just need to lay off nostalgic Hollywood-themed podcasts).

Endlessly entertaining

Roulette just doesn’t get old. When your number comes in, it might be a quietly satisfying moment – or it might just trigger a full-blooded bellow of delirious excitement. But whether you’re externalising your excitement or determined to play it cool, one way or the other roulette will put you in a spin.

Usual numbers not working? Time for a rethink. Decided to cover more of the table, in a bid to give yourself more options, bet on a line, or a street, or a dozen, or come up with your own strategy, if you can. There’s always a different possibility – and that’s what helps to make this simple game so compelling.

New variants add a new dimension to the action

Of course, if you are looking to change things up, there are ways to do that. There are a range of slightly tweaked roulette tables to be discovered on our Live Casino UK setup. The overall concept hasn’t been changed, but there are some intriguing new features that might just appeal.

For instance, there’s Double Ball Roulette – you can probably figure that one out for yourself, but essentially players can have two chances to win, since there are two balls spinning round the wheel in the same turn.

Or how about Lightning Roulette? Here, before the wheel spins, select numbers will be struck by lightning – meaning their value is multiplied.

The number’s payout can be increased by between 50x and 200x, depending on the lightning strike – and if you’ve backed that number and the ball lands on the corresponding pocket, it will add up to a far bigger payout than normal.

Check out our entire Live Casino range to see the full array of roulette variants.

Skill is not a factor – and that’s a good thing

The outcome here is not based on skill or even knowledge of the game; it’s fun to try different strategies, but the outcome is down to luck. That means the shrewdest player and the novice both have as much chance of walking away a winner here.

Sometimes, it’s nice to win when you’re the best – but with roulette, you don’t have to be the best to walk away a winner…

Play Live Casino games online at Play Live Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Our Live Dealer games bring a thrilling live casino experience to your home.

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