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Out now: Flowers


Out now: Flowers

Out now: Flowers

Another popular NetEnt slot is available on 32Red now – and with spring in the air, you might just find yourself falling in love with this new release. It’s time to stop and smell the roses…

Previously, you may just have thought that Flowers were simply the item you bought for an annoyed loved one in a half-baked attempt to atone for some terrible mistake. Actually, it turns out there’s a whole new side to these petaled plants.

These particular flowers appear to have taken their style tips from venus fly traps, rather than more conventional posies or daisies, mind you – give a bouquet of these little blighters as a gift and your other half will probably tell you to sling your hook.

Still, there’s a peculiar charm to the visuals – and looking past the presentation, Flowers definitely has some compelling reasons to keep playing.

This five reel, 30 line slot features scatter symbols in the form of clouds – be sure to watch out for the double cloud symbols! As the name implies, these symbols count as two clouds, making it easier for you to trigger the flowers slot bonus.

Activate the Free Spins feature, and you’ll find a x3 multiplier to keep you entertained. Yep, if it’s floral frolics you’re in need of, Flowers is blooming in technicolor. Keep an eye out for this one.

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