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Out now and exclusive to 32Red: Miami Glow


Out now and exclusive to 32Red: Miami Glow

Out now and exclusive to 32Red: Miami Glow

Miami! Undercover cops driving Lamborghinis, hanging out in house boats with pet alligators before busting evil drug barons, as their glowering superior breaks out a samurai sword! For a limited time, Miami Glow is exclusive to play on 32Redplay now!

Yep, perhaps watching too many 80s TV shows has given me an unrealistic view of the average detective’s life. But who cares – according to the telly, Miami is basically a byword for excitement, glamour, iffy acting, all that stuff, and that’s how I like it.

So I was delighted when we got an early look at Miami Glow, which is set to come to our casino for an exclusive period this June before it’s available anywhere else.

From Snowborn Games, this five-reel slot has a striking neon-tinged colour palette, the simple but eye-catching visuals really standing out on Miami Glow.

But along with the slick, polished presentation, the content here is definitely enough to keep you more than satisfied. A multiplier of up to 10x your bet is applied to wins in the base game, and Sticky Wilds can also play a role here, triggering respins.

Collect three GLOW symbols, and you’ll enjoy a bonus spin with Stacked Wild reels and a nailed on win – there’s potential for a sky-high payout, too.

Miami Glow is as easy on the ear as it is the eye, with a propulsive, upbeat soundtrack and pleasing sound effects accompanying the visual feast. This is a riot of colour, a sonic splash of energy and entertainment.

And with those sweet multipliers, Miami’s still got plenty going for it even if you look past that ever glamourous surface detail. Got that Glow factor? As a wise man once rapped, Miami bringin’ heat for real.

Miami Glow is released exclusively on 18th June 2020 – in the meantime, visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained for now!

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