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Out now: Roco Loco


Out now: Roco Loco

Out now: Roco Loco

Ready for a drop dead gorgeous new slot? This one’s to die for – celebrate the day of the dead Mexico style, with a hyper-colourful new slot adventure from ace new development house Live 5! Play Roco Loco now

This five-reel game utilises a funky art style to depict a series of surprisingly chipper-looking undead dudes. A range of symbols, featuring some smarmily smiling skull faces, make for a novel gaming experience – but beneath the unusual exterior, there’s plenty for the seasoned player to get excited about, too.

With Stepping Wilds, wilds will step down by one position on your next spin, offering an opportunity to make a winning combination.

And with the Progressive Multiplier Free Spins, players can see their wild stacks climb, with a multiplier that starts at 5x. The Free Spins will continue as long as there’s a wild in view, too.

The animated skulls’ heads leer and laugh with ghoulish glee as another win comes your way, while some suitably Mexican-sounding background music amps up the energy.

Indeed, with sound effects that might have come from a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, and fireworks exploding in the background as the combinations rack up, Roco Loco is a kinetic, compelling gaming experience that won’t bamboozle or baffle you. In the best way possible, this one keeps things dead simple – and going Loco has never been so much fun.

Roco Loco is released on 21st September 2020 – in the meantime, visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained for now!

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