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Out now: Tetris Extreme Mega Drop


Out now: Tetris Extreme Mega Drop

Out now: Tetris Extreme Mega Drop

Simple but maddeningly fun to play, Tetris is one of the greatest video games of all time – and one with incredible longevity, when you consider it was originally created in 1984.

Even George Orwell couldn’t predict the fun we’d have attempting to fit a never-ending procession of various geometric bricks or “tetriminos” together, in order to form a perfect line while preventing the screen from filling up.

In any case, as straightforward as it sounds, Tetris is both accessible and satisfying – no wonder it’s stuck around so long. Which brings us to the latest incarnation – Tetris but with cash prizes, essentially. What’s not to like?

The slot looks very much like a normal game of Tetris, with players spinning the “reels” to make the blocks fall from the top of the screen. Full lines will be removed, as in the game, and once all the lines have been removed any “Cluster Wins” that are present will pay out.

A cluster is a group of adjacent squares in the same colour – clusters need to be made up of a minimum of nine squares for a payout, with the player earning more if a cluster is bigger.

You’ll also want to be aware of the Line Clear Multiplier. This feature is applied to all cluster wins, with one line clear giving the player a x2 multiplier, and the value of multipliers increasing with each line clear. Make it all the way up to 15 line clears, and you’ll earn a x50 multiplier!

This Tetris-themed slot features the linked Mega Drop Jackpot, which actually consists of three progressive jackpots, minor, major and epic. The Minor pot tops out at a maximum of €1,500, the major €20,000 – and if you’re lucky enough to get the maximum jackpot, it goes up to €200,000!

There are also some Free Spins to keep things interesting – 15 or more line clears in a single game will see you awarded 10 Free Spins. If you clear 15 lines while the Free Spin bonus is in play, you’ll gain an additional 10 Free Spins, too.

There’s also a Gold Tetrimino which can come into play during the Free Spins. If one falls and is used in a line clear, the Line Clear Multiplier will be multiplied by 5.

A worthy tribute to one of the greatest examples of video game design ever, Tetris Extreme is fun to play and offers plenty of potential reward – and that’s without even having mentioned that epic, classic theme tune, recreated from the original game…

Tetris Extreme is released on 2nd March 2020 – in the meantime, visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained for now!

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