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Out now: Tiki Vikings


Out now: Tiki Vikings

Out now: Tiki Vikings

Using the time-honoured tradition of taking two distinct subjects and fusing them together, Tiki Vikings combines the unrivalled savagery of marauding Norsemen with a laidback Hawaiian style.

Yep, this slot features livid red-bearded Vikings snarling with fury – while sporting flowers in their head. Like some kind of mad slot-based scientists, the inventors of this slot have tampered with the very fabric of reality – in the process, creating a monster. A sexy monster.

Yep, those magnificent, irreverent buggers at Just For the Win Studios have done it again. Tiki Vikings is a brilliant, befuddling blend of off-kilter parts, as a horde of snarling, pillage-crazed barbarians return from a Hawaiian holiday and are inspired to adopt a groovy new flower power look – while continuing to embark on unspeakable rampages. Not sure how historically accurate this is, but let’s not quibble over details.

Regardless of this peculiar mish-mash of diametrically opposed cultures, Tiki Vikings seems to be perfectly well balanced when it comes to red hot slot action. With five reels and 20 lines, there’s also a useful symbol locking Re-Spin feature.

This feature kicks in when certain winning combinations appear on the reels. With each spin that results in at least one symbol lock, the Symbol Upgrade meter on the side of the screen will increase by one step.

Once the upgrade meter is full, the feature will trigger, and all locked symbols will upgrade to the next, more valuable symbol, giving you a shot at ever bigger wins.

With an unusual theme, striking presentation and clear potential for a king-sized payout, Tiki Vikings might be weird, but it’s definitely wonderful. Seems like we’ll be goin’ cuckoo, down in Honolulu…

Tiki Vikings launches on 7 August 2019. In the meantime, visit 32Red Casino now for a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained!

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