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Coming soon: Zodiac Infinity Reels


Coming soon: Zodiac Infinity Reels

Coming soon: Zodiac Infinity Reels

Is fortune written in the stars? Whether you take your horoscope seriously or you’re on the fence when it comes to astrology, Zodiac Infinity Reels is almost upon us – and its ascendant angle is rising, or something.

Er, which is to say this slot is more otherworldly than a Mystic Meg biopic directed by David Lynch. This new release from SG Digital and Reelplay boasts striking artwork that really suits the slightly mysterious feel of this game.

The presentation is definitely a strong point – but Zodiac has some other killer features too. Choose your sign of the Zodiac to play with, then start spinning. You begin with a modest three reels, the Infinity Reels part of the title isn’t kidding around; new reels can be added after any spin.

A new reel will be added if the reel on the far right of the display improves any symbol combination – and extra reels will continue to be added as long as a symbol combination is enhanced by a symbol on the newest reel.

There’s even an Infinity Bonus for when the reels really go nuts; any spin that results in 13 or more reels being added will deliver a prize of 888x your total bet.

Zodiac isn’t just about that Infinite Reel mechanic, however. There are four jackpots to be discovered in the Wheel Feature for instance.

Any Wheel symbol win during the base game will trigger a spin on the Wheel, where you can win some fantastic instant prizes, or otherwise increase the amount of Free Spins, or the value of multipliers you’ll receive, once the Free Spins bonus is triggered.

Yep, there had to be Free Spins, right. Here, you’ll be granted as many spins as were stored in the Wheel Feature, while the symbol multiplier will increase with each new reel that is added.

Look out for Wheel symbols, too – they can award an extra four Free Spins if they arrive while the Free Spins are in play.

With a theme that really explores the arcane limits of astrology, you’ll find all sorts of supernatural celestial figures flitting about the place. And Zodiac’s combination of illustrious visuals and engaging game mechanics make this new title a genuinely absorbing experience.

You don’t need to read your horoscope to figure out this slot could make your day, then. Is Zodiac set to be one of our more popular slots? The signs are good…

Zodiac Infinity Reels is released on 30th April 2021 – in the meantime, visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained for now!

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