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Cyclops Smash slot out now


Cyclops Smash slot out now

Cyclops Smash slot out now

Of all the fantastical creatures of Greek mythology, the Cyclops is amongst the most fearsome. Play Cyclops Smash now

Sure, the Minotaur’s half-man, half-bull energy is not to be underestimated, while Medusa’s hairstyle comprised of writhing snakes is definitely a mood.

Cyclops Smash with Free Spins

But with his towering presence and giant single eye glowering angrily at those who would defy him, this hulking figure is the most brutally destructive of them all.

And now this lumbering giant takes centre stage in the aptly titled Cyclops Smash, new from Pragmatic Play. With a maximum win of 10,000x your stake in this high volatility slot, no wonder we’ve got our eye on this big lug.

With the action taking place across a 7 x 7 grid, the idea is to land clusters of identical symbols in order to land a payout. You’ll need at least five symbols landing vertically or horizontally adjacent to earn a win.

At that point, the Tumble mechanic kicks in, meaning the symbols in the winning combination will disappear, creating space for new symbols to tumble down from the top of the screen – and potentially create new winning combos.

There’s also a Smash feature which can take place on any spin that doesn’t result in a win.

Rack up wins with Tumbles

Cyclops Smash

If triggered, the Smash will rearrange symbols already on the screen into new positions, potentially creating a win. Any resulting win will be followed by a Tumble, too.

Otherwise, you’ll want to look out for the Scatter symbols. Four or more of these landing in a spin will trigger the Free Spins feature; the more Scatters that land, the more Free Spins you receive, up to 16.

The Smash feature takes place during Free Spins, too – and when it does, the win multiplier is increased by 1x. This multiplier is then applied to any win during the Free Spins.

It’s also possible to trigger further Free Spins during the feature, if you can land more Scatters.

Feel like tapping into your inner Odysseus to best this over-sized oaf, then? Or perhaps you’ve got a sneaking respect for this club-wielding monstrosity.

Either ways, Cyclops Smash lets you get up close and personal with the pot-bellied bully boy of Greek mythology – and potentially land a very tasty payout in the process. As far as slot action goes, this ‘clops is the tops…

Out now. Visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots!

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