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Five reasons to play Live Casino games online

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Five reasons to play Live Casino games online

Five reasons to play Live Casino games online

We’ve seen the future of gambling – and it’s Live Casino. You want reasons? Get stuck into this lot…


If you’re looking to capture all the excitement of a visit to a real life casino, Live Casino can’t be beat.

That’s because you’re dealing with real life croupiers. Playing alongside real life players. Taking part in real life games. From actual balls spinning around an actual roulette table, to actual cards being dealt when you’re playing blackjack, Live Casino amps up the verisimilitude. It’s like visiting Las Vegas without the jetlag.

It’s real, is what we’re saying. As absorbing as the standard online gaming experience can be, the authenticity in Live Casino offers a new level of immersion. Try it once, and just see if you don’t enjoy the difference.

Ever growing range of games

If you’re wary about a lack of options when it comes to Live Casino, don’t fret. The range of available games are increasing all the time. You’ll find various different versions of perennial casino favourites like blackjack and roulette, naturally. But if you want to expand your gaming horizons, there’s much more to discover, too.

This includes other traditional casino games like poker or baccarat – but there are quirkier options. Dice games like Craps, Super Sic Bo and Lighting Dice are worth checking out if you enjoy a six-sided wager, for instance.

But there are also even quirkier titles. Like the TV Game Show style Dream Catcher, or the slot adaptation Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. There’s even a live casino version of the ever popular board game Monopoly Live. If you’re looking for a novel casino game experience, you’re not short of options.


If you like a little banter with your blackjack, or for you roulette really comes alive when you get a reaction to the action, you might enjoy the chat options here. If you want to communicate with the croupier, you can do that on Live Casino games. It’s a small thing, but it just adds to that feeling that you’re playing for real, with other real people.

Totally random, dude

Unlike virtual casino games, Live Casino games aren’t reliant on a random number generator, or RNG. You’re not dependent upon a line of source code to ensure that a game is fully legit. Although trust us – it definitely is. Find out how RNG’s work here.

Instead, on Live Casino, the outcome is decided live (obviously), using real conditions, to deliver a thoroughly random outcome – but not through software. If you prefer the physical world to the virtual one, you might find this reassuring.

Live Casino exclusive promotions

If you’re looking for the best deals, it could be worth taking a gander at 32Red’s Promotions page for our latest offers. There’s usually a decent range of promos to take advantage of, and new Live Casino offers are frequently added.

In summary, Live Casino’s popularity is continually increasing – if you haven’t taken the Live Games for a test play, give them a whirl, and find out what you’ve been missing.

If you still prefer the old video-style table games to a live action experience, no problem – we have more than enough options to keep you happy in our general casino section.

But if you’re looking for something that feels closer to an actual visit to the casino – while being more accessible and also far less intimidating, if you’re not au fait with that world – Live Casino can be a game changer.

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