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Gambling A-Z – here’s the terms you need to know


Gambling A-Z – here’s the terms you need to know

Gambling A-Z – here’s the terms you need to know

Next time you hit the casino, make sure you can hold your own with the slickest of slots players. Here’s our indispensable guide to the industry lingo – check this out, and you should be speaking fluent casino-ese in no time…

Banker: The dealer; the guy employed by the casino to deal the cards.

Bankroll: The amount of money you have to gamble with.

Bonus: (i) A free bet given to online players that can be used in selected games.
(ii) A bonus feature in a slot game, where players can win cash prizes.

Cash out: In casino gaming, when players decide to withdraw part or all of their winnings.

In online sports betting, the term cash out refers to an option that players have where they can withdraw a percentage of their potential winning in an event they’ve had a bet on, while the bet is still in play. It’s a gamble within the original gamble, and useful if you feel the result could go against you. At 32Red we call it Cash In – there’s more info here.

Cold Streak: Something all gamers dread, a losing run that goes on for a protracted period.

Deposit: When you add funds to your account.

Hot Streak: What every gambler is aiming for; that winning run where everything seems to be coming up in the player’s favour.

House: Another name for the casino.

Jackpot: A big prize, typically the maximum prize that the game offers.

Live Casino: This is an online casino where the player interacts with friendly real life dealers, to play traditional casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Check out 32Red’s Live Casino for yourself.

Maximum Bet: The highest stake that can be placed on a game.

Minimum Bet: The lowest stake that can be placed on a game.

Payout table: On slots, select the payout table to find the value of each winning combination.

Progressive Jackpot: Found in certain progressive slot games like Mega Moolah and Major Millions, a progressive jackpot grows and grows as people play, until someone wins the jackpot. The nature of the progressive jackpot means the total amount to be won can reach multi-million figures.

Random Number Generator: This is the software used in certain online casino games to ensure the outcome of the game is truly random – for example, what number will come up next in roulette.

Stake: This is the amount the customer wagers on a game or sporting event.

Welcome bonus: New customers are typically offered a bonus when they sign up with a new casino; 32Red, for instance, offers a 320% welcome bonus to all new customers.

In the meantime, check out our latest selection of slots at – you can choose from a range of popular table games like roulette and blackjack, or literally hundreds of slots.

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