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Greatest slots of 2017 – Part 2


Greatest slots of 2017 – Part 2

Greatest slots of 2017 – Part 2

Continuing our countdown of the greatest slots of 2017, here’s four more of the year’s releases that are well worth a second look. Here’s what’s been top of the slots in the last 12 months…

Oink Country Love

Okay, so this one might be a controversial pick. There were some who viewed this tale of farmyard romance with disapproval, as a couple of fun-loving swine attempted to woo themselves a prize porker through the medium of music. It’s the combination of pigs and duelling banjos, you see; in some cases, it brings to mind the shudder-inducing memory of that old film Deliverance.

Still, if you can get past those particular squealing piggies, there’s plenty here to enjoy. From the whimsical art style and presentation to a range of fine farmyard features, Oink Country Love is likely to leave slot fans in hog heaven. You can win up to 80 Free Spins on a single spin, for pity’s sake! That’s even better than a bacon sandwich…

Jurassic World

Delirious for dinosaurs? Tempted by pterodactyls? Raging for a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Eh, we could do this all day. Jurassic World is a slot adaptation of the monstrously successful movie, where once extinct prehistoric powerhouses wander around an enormous theme park for the pleasure of the onlooking visitors – at least until something goes badly awry.

That’s the movie – so how does the slot shape up? Well, with familiar characters (and dinosaurs) from the film, Jurassic World certainly looks the part. There’s some fine features to discover here too, with three separate Free Spins features, plus an Indominus Rex feature that can see your win boosted by as much as 1000 x your stake. This one’s a Jurassic classic…

Emperor of the Sea

This slot arrived earlier this year with a distinctly Asian flavour; the emperor of the title is actually a huge sea serpent that wouldn’t look out of place as a boss character in a video game. Emperor of the Sea’s charming visuals are just one reason to investigate this enchanting looking slot, though.

With stacked wilds and the chance to land Free Spins, there are a couple of different features to explore; Growing Wilds fill the reels with wild symbols, while Rolling Reels can award multiple consecutive wins. Smart features and memorable, quirky graphics – we’re enamoured with this Emperor, alright.

Beautiful Bones

Inspired by Mexico’s colourful Day of the Dead festival, Beautiful Bones’ reels are filled with a variety of faces, all made up to look like some exotic skeleton. In fact, this game is all about the vibrant visuals, with flamboyant hues bursting across the screen in a kaleidoscope of colour.

If you’re unmoved by the presentation, maybe the game itself will grab you. With a Free Spin feature that can award up to 18 Free Spins with a 5x multiplier, plus a wild Spin Again feature, this is one of the more distinctive slots to arrive in 2017 – if you haven’t played it yet, these Bones are well worth digging up…

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