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How to choose the right number for your roulette bet


How to choose the right number for your roulette bet

How to choose the right number for your roulette bet

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Racking your brains when it comes to online roulette table tactics? With the proviso that there’s no such thing as a consistent winning strategy and you probably shouldn’t take this stuff too seriously – let’s look at the myriad possibilities that the various numbers offer!

Roulette wheels offer a total of 37 numbered “pockets” (38 on a US roulette table, which also carries a “double zero” pocket). Specifically, that’s numbers 1-36, along with the zero pocket that most roulette players have come to detest.

Roulette lovers have long sought to devise methods of beating the roulette wheel. These methods provide, frankly, no advantage whatsoever. Still, let’s give them the once-over anyway.

Big Fat Zero

James Bond is possibly the most famous of all fictional roulette players. In the first Bond novel Casino Royale, creator Ian Fleming outlines a strategy that, in the author’s opinion, was fool-proof. I have tried the approach on more than one occasion, and can categorically state that Fleming is mistaken.

While the Bond method involves covering two thirds of the board, the only individual number he places a bet on is zero. The number that, if you’ve bet on red or black, odds or evens, means you win nothing.

Bond shrugged off the potential calamity of unlucky number zero coming up by backing that number on every spin. You may wish to follow 007’s lead here. If it does make an appearance, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re winning when most of your fellow players have just been beaten. And zero, like every other number on the board, pays a handsome 35/1. On most tables, at least – there may be exceptions.

Happy Birthday to me

Many roulette players use birthdays to select their choice of number, whether it’s their own DOB, that of a loved one, or even the birthdate of their favourite celebrity/ footballer/ serial killer.

Plenty of nostalgic or sentimental players have won using this approach, though it’s also worth remembering Homer Simpson using a similar technique in order to try and win the lottery. This doomed enterprise ended with Homer berating his son Bart for being the wrong age.

Lucky and unlucky numbers

You’ve probably heard that the number 7 is supposed to be lucky. That probably explains why so many slot machines have number 7s plastered all over the reels. Still, the popularity of this number may make you think twice about betting on lucky number seven, if you like to zag where others zig.

Alternatives include 3, which De La Soul contended was the magic number. Or if you really want to be an iconoclast, you could choose to back number 13.

Considered in many cultures to be an “unlucky number”, the number 13 has long been associated with misfortune. To the extent that some buildings are built “without” a 13th floor. Football clubs often refuse to use the number on players’ shirts, too.

If you laugh in the face of convention, backing number 13 could be a good way to show your contempt to triskaidekaphobes everywhere (that is, people who fear or hate the number 13).

Hot numbers

Why get bogged down on slavishly backing “your” preferred number? Maybe a better approach is to cast your eye over the “hot numbers”. That is, the numbers that have been coming up most regularly in previous recent spins.

To see the hot numbers when you play online, play live casino roulette games. Click on the statistics option, and you’ll see a list of recent results.

In live dealer roulette games, you’ll also find hot numbers – numbers that have come up repeatedly in recent games – and cold numbers, the numbers that haven’t appeared for a while.

Depending on the roulette game, you can even alter the number of rounds the statistics are drawn from – anywhere between 50 – 500 on, for instance, Lightning Roulette.

From this, you could make the assumption that the hot numbers will continue to appear – and they might. Or you might decide that you should steer clear of the cold numbers – and who knows, maybe they’ll continue not to come up.

But you can’t rely on any of this. The truth is, checking hot numbers and cold numbers can only give you the illusion that you’re doing everything in your power to give yourself an edge that, in reality, simply cannot exist.

Every time the wheel spins, the result is random. By trying to guess what number comes up, you are really trying to predict the future – and no-one can do that. Playing roulette games online is about fun, not fool-proof strategies.

Next time you play online roulette, why not pick a completely meaningless number that has absolutely no significance to you? You have just as good a chance of winning that way, too. Or you could just back 32Red, of course…

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