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How to master… an epic stag do

How to organise an epic stag do


How to master… an epic stag do

How to master… an epic stag do

Organising an absolutely epic stag do can be a daunting task. Or course, you’ll need to make sure there are plenty of humiliating photos at the end, with at least one of the groom-to-be tied naked to a lamppost. But, how do you know where to go on your trip or who to invite? Well, we’ve brought you the insider’s guide to organising a stag do that you and the boys will never forget!

Sort the guest-list

First up, you’ll need to decide who to invite. This is often the trickiest part so consult the groom first. Be warned – things can get awkward pretty quickly. Chances are you’ll have to tell tag-along Ian he won’t be getting an invite. The same goes for the groom’s weird 18 year-old cousin. The basic rule is only invite people who’ll make the weekend better and bring the banter. So don’t be afraid to get ruthless with the list.

Check budgets

Your idea of the perfect stag weekend may involve champagne, caviar and pimped out speed boats, but it’s usually best to check what everyone’s up for spending first. Getting a kitty for drinks is also a must. Just make sure you don’t use it all up by 4pm on day one, by getting absolutely sozzled!

Decide on a destination

Vegas? Prague? Latvia? There are so many cracking destinations to travel to so it’s worth giving the location a bit of thought. If you’re aiming for an end-up-in-jail-with-a-prostitute, ‘Hangover’ style escapades, then heading to Eastern Europe or Asia is a good choice. Or if your group’s strapped for cash, a boozy British break can be just as much fun. Just pack some Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs costumes, and you’ll definitely be in for a wild one.
Snow White costume

Make a solid plan

Stag dos are all about getting smashed – everyone knows that. But, it’s good to squeeze in a few activities before the drinking begins. Whether it’s go-karting in Berlin or bazookaing cows in Thailand, planning a few daytime activities will help get the whole group bonding. For evening plans, it’s best to keep things simple. Just pick a bar, make sure everyone shows up, and let the frivolities begin.

Keep accommodation simple

The secret to stag do planning is minimising the hassle. So avoid just booking the cheapest hostel you can find if it’s on the edge of town. What you save in accommodation, you’ll probably end up forking out in taxi fares. Also, book separate rooms for you and your mates instead of opting for twin beds. After a heavy night of drinking, you won’t want to spend the rest of your night listening to your mate snoring away like a steam train.

Go wild

This will be the groom’s last night of freedom before spending a lifetime with the missus, so most importantly, make sure you have fun!

Stopping off at a casino is another great way to kick-start your weekend of fun. Or if the boys are up for something more competitive, why not organise a private poker tournament and get your game on. If you fancy doing it online, 32Red online casino has a cracking range of poker and slot games that’ll help start your weekend off with a bang.

If you’ve got any suggestions on what the ultimate stag do should include then let us know below!

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