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How to play online blackjack at 32Red Casino


How to play online blackjack at 32Red Casino

How to play online blackjack at 32Red Casino

If you’re looking for a quick guide when it comes to one of casino gaming’s most popular table games, let 32Red mark your card. Play blackjack at 32Red now

Chances are you probably have at least a rough idea of the basics when it comes to playing blackjack online. Briefly, the object is to beat the dealer by amassing a hand of cards with a higher numerical value hand than the dealer, without exceeding a total of 21.

Every online blackjack game is likely to offer slight variations on the basic rules. But generally, the dealer is dealt one card, face-up while you’re dealt two cards, face-up. Numerical card values are self-explanatory; face cards have a value of 10, while Aces can have a value of either 1 or 11.

Based on the cards you’re originally dealt, you can choose whether to stand – that is, decline any further cards – or hit, which means you’ll be dealt another card as you attempt to get closer to 21.

Blackjack is the strongest hand, and cannot be beaten, only matched. Blackjack is a combination of an Ace and a card with a value of 10. If you’re dealt this hand you will automatically “stand” – that is, you won’t be able to request any more cards.

Assuming you don’t stand, you and the dealer can choose to draw additional cards, as long as your total doesn’t go above 21.

If the value of your cards does end up being higher than 21, you’ll bust, and the dealer will win. The dealer can go bust in the same way – if that happens, you’ll win.

There are a few other elements, but that’s about the size of it. So now you know how to play – how can you give yourself the best chance of winning?

Basic blackjack strategy means factoring in the dealer’s upturned card when you decide whether to stick or twist.

For instance, if the dealer has a strong card like a 10 or a royal, he may be more likely to stick. If your own hand isn’t similarly strong, it could be worth playing aggressively, requesting more cards in your bid to make 21.

Using the same logic, if the dealer is holding a weaker card like a four or five, he will likely have to request more cards – and in doing so, he could go bust. In that situation, you can afford to play less aggressively if you have a relatively strong hand of your own.

In summary, Online blackjack is really a pretty simple game that you can pick up in no time. You don’t even need to play with real money, if you prefer to have a few test runs before playing for real.

Several of the Blackjack online games at 32Red let you play a demo version, so you can get a feel for the action without having to worry about making any mistakes. Visit our Blackjack section, and hover your cursor over the game you want to play, or just select it if you’re playing on mobile or tablet. If demo play is available, the option will appear (see example below).

That’s about it – you’re all set to play Online casino blackjack. Good luck!

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