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Montezuma Online Slot Video Review


Montezuma Online Slot Video Review

Montezuma Online Slot Video Review

Back in the day, Montezuma was usually referenced as a euphemism for a particularly debilitating ailment caused by an iffy portion of Mexican food. But now friends, it’s time for you to take YOUR revenge against Montezuma – via some tasty payouts on this classic slot.

Now available to play on 32Red, our top slot jockey Rob is here to explore this expedition into the exotic. Ready to join the adventure?

This five reel, 30 payline slot from the design dudes at WMS Gaming uses the mysterious territory of Central America as the backdrop to this voyage into excitement (and hopefully untold riches).

As for the Free Spins, these are triggered when shield symbols appear on the reels – three gives you three times your stake as a cash bonus, while four or five gives you 10 times your stake, while the number of Free Spins can range from 3 to as many as 25.

At the start of each Free Spin, you’ll also spin a wheel above the reels, with a series of multiplier values on it – ranging from 2x,  3x, 5x or 10x. Whatever comes up, that’s the value your payout on that spin will be multiplied by – assuming you win, of course.

If more shields turn up during the Free Spins, you’ll also activate additional Free Spins – it’s not hard to see that if you’re in the right place at the right time when you’re playing this game, there’s potential for some ginormous paydays. Of course, as Rob himself notes in the video above, sometimes you won’t get quite so lucky…

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Disclaimer: This review is made by a genuine 32Red player using deposited funds in real play mode. The wins and losses shown are during actual game footage however the video is edited to show the main features of the game. Any comments/opinions are not necessarily those of 32Red.

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