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Out now: Real Roulette


Out now: Real Roulette

Out now: Real Roulette

Looking to experience the latest trend when it comes to online roulette? Check out our new Real Roulette games, live now on 32Red.

Real Roulette uses pre-recorded video clips of real-life dealers, giving players a comparable experience to playing in an actual casino.

As the tagline goes, it’s not live, it’s real – this is an alternative to live action roulette play. Try it for yourself, we think you’ll find it an entertaining new way to experience casino fun.

We have four different Real Roulette games – each one offers the same thrilling roulette action you know and love, presented by a friendly, glamourous hostess.

We gave both Caroline and Bailey a spin, and it’s fair to say each hostess offered a warm, friendly welcome. Better yet, we tried the old James Bond technique, and seemed to do okay on our initial spins!

If you’re not familiar with Bond’s approach, it’s detailed in the novel Casino Royale; basically, Bond places 14 chips on the 19-36 box, another five chips on 13-18, and one chip on 0. Bond swore by this technique, and author Ian Fleming used it in real life too.

There are a range of roulette methods – if you’re not entirely familiar with the game, you can find out more here.

To play the game for yourself, visit our Real & Live Casino section now. There’s also a free demo available if you’re curious!

Looking for more entertainment? Visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots!

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