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Out now: Royal Potato


Out now: Royal Potato

Out now: Royal Potato

Spud you really like? The potato has long been one of mother nature’s most versatile veggies – mashed, chipped, roasted, it’s all good. Play Royal Potato now

And now this most regal of root vegetables is enjoying a new lease of life – in a new release from Relax Gaming.

This five-reel, four row slot revolves around an array of anthropomorphic potatoes; that is, potatoes with faces, and other human characteristics. And if we’re honest, it’s kind of unsettling, no matter how cutesy the spuds.

Indeed, while the back story is left tantalisingly unexplained, the title suggests this is some kind of high status family of tubers, perhaps engaged in a bloody MacBeth style drama that will end in a horrific potato massacre. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Be that as it may, this tater-themed undertaking is boiling over with brilliant features. Like SuperSpinners, for instance.

There are 14 of these to be found between the reels. If a winning line goes through a SuperSpinner with a number on it, the number will multiply the win. It’s possible to have multiple SuperSpinners on the same win, too.

Otherwise, there’s a Royal Levy, which can be randomly triggered when a King or Queen symbol lands on the reels, spinning to reveal a random prize. These prizes will also be multiplied by the sum of all current SuperSpinner multipliers, too.

Naturally, you’ll also find scatter symbols, and three or more landing in one spin will trigger the Free Spins bonus. Free Spins begin with a sticky 2×1 Jumbo Symbol in the central reel, with the Jumbo Symbol able to substitute for multiple symbols. Jumbo Symbols can also grow even bigger, awarding additional Free Spins too.

With suitably stirring backing music and excellent if unusual visuals, this new release offers a glimpse into the hitherto unknown world of everyone’s favourite vegetable. Packed with more flavour than the finest gratin dauphinois, this is one hot Potato…

Royal Potato is out now. Visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots!

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