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Out now: Vicky Ventura


Out now: Vicky Ventura

Out now: Vicky Ventura

Sporting a rakish hat, packing an appetite for adventure, Vicky Ventura is the intrepid explorer you didn’t know you needed in your life. Up for a spot of ultra-archaeology? Bring on the Totem Crystals… Play Vicky Ventura now

In this five-reel, three row slot from our chums at Red Tiger, help Vicky hunt down those treasures – and in the process, hopefully land a little something for yourself too.

There are potentially more than 16,000 ways to win here – and it’s possible to win more than 10,000 x your stake too. Vicky’s not taking the Mickey, it seems.

Heading deep into uncharted territory, investigating the long abandoned artefacts of an ancient civilisation, on the right hand side of the display you’ll find the Mystic Totem, a creepy skull image.

There is also a fourth, locked row in this slot where Wilds can be revealed, should the Mystic Totem be activated; that happens when a Totem Crystal lands anywhere on the reels. The Totem can also create additional bonuses for the player, revealing Wild symbols or adding more Totem Crystals.

It gets better; land three Free Spins symbols and you’ll earn 10 Free Spins too – when the Free Spins are in play, the slot expands to give you two extra rows of locked tiles. Land three more Free Spins symbols and you can access yet another extra locked row too – together with 10 Bonus Free Spins.

While you start off with a modest 243 ways to win, with a little bit of luck Vicky Ventura can offer lots more potential to put together a payout.

With a charming central character and bags of personality, this slot is fun to play anyway –  but land some Crystals, and the Mystic Totem makes for a totally tremendous addition to this adventure. This is one ace Ventura…

Vicky Ventura is out now. Visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained!

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