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Penguin Splash Online Slot Video Review


Penguin Splash Online Slot Video Review

Penguin Splash Online Slot Video Review

Look who’s making a Splash! Slots connoisseur Reviewer Rob has his sights set on a penguin-themed payout with this Wintery wonder – the ice may be cold but the action is hot, hot hot!

Penguin Splash is a likable look at some of the chilliest creatures who hang out on the remotest reaches of this planet that we call… (reaches for inspiration, Alan Partidge style) Earth.

Alongside the penguins who get top billing, there’s also polar bears, sea lions, seal pups – even whopping great orca whales. But if you can take or leave the presentation, there are features here to unfreeze even the coolest customer.

It’s the Free Spins that make this five reel slot tick – but not just any Free Spins. Collecting enough penguin-scatter symbols will prompt the watching penguins on a nearby ice floe to dive into the water – and the more penguins that jump, the more Free Spins you’ll get. Better yet, there’s also the chance to win double-free spins, where all winnings are multiplied by two!

Still not certain if this Splash deserves your cash? Check Rob’s video above for an in-depth look at these potty penguins!

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Disclaimer: This review is made by a genuine 32Red player using deposited funds in real play mode. The wins and losses shown are during actual game footage however the video is edited to show the main features of the game. Any comments/opinions are not necessarily those of 32Red.

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