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Player wins £4 million from an 80 pence spin


Player wins £4 million from an 80 pence spin

Player wins £4 million from an 80 pence spin

Winning £4,082,246 from an 80 pence spin – that’s not a bad haul, right? And it’s what one lucky player, who prefers not to be named, managed to land whilst playing over at our sister site,

After scooping the monster payout last month, it’s fair to say our winner is a very happy man. In his own words, here’s his story:

“You hear about people winning these sorts of multi-million-pound jackpots, but you never really believe it as it never happens to anyone you know. And now it’s happened to me! It’s so unreal!”

“It really has come at the best time – I was laid off earlier in the year and have had to take any work I could, most recently that meant getting up at midnight and working the early hours.”

“[On the day I won] I got home in the early afternoon and went to bed, but couldn’t sleep so I decided to have a play on the computer. I’ve been playing at for a few months – it’s one of the few sites I have stayed with for five or six months, as I usually get bored playing the same site and games, but their site and games are entertaining and I’ve been quite lucky winning a few big prizes like £500 and £1000 jackpots.”

“So, I put £20 in, played on one game, but didn’t have any luck and then decided to try Mega Fortune Dreams.”

“To be fair I was actually dozing off when I pressed the button and the feature came up. I thought ‘that’s alright – I’ve won something’ – but I didn’t realise how much I had won. I sort of read something, so decided to get my glasses and that’s when I realised how much it was!”

“I jumped up out of bed in a real daze, and I rang my sister leaving her a message saying ‘ring me back – I think I’ve won £4 million!’”

“It really has changed my life – but it’s also changed other people’s lives for the good too. I’ve given my friends and family the best of a million pounds”

“I’ve already bought an Aston Martin DB11 and a Jaguar XJ for my dad – but I got good deals! We’re going to Disneyland and I’m now retired!”

“Things like this don’t happen to working class people like me! I still can’t believe it…”

Check out the site for yourself – and good luck!

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