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Slingo games available now on 32Red


Slingo games available now on 32Red

Slingo games available now on 32Red

Looking for a different kind of casino experience? Combining blistering bingo action with slot excitement in one irresistible package, Gaming Realms’ Slingo games offer a fresh new take on gaming thrills.

Right now, we have five Slingo titles waiting for you to try. But with several more releases due very soon, keep an eye on our casino for a wide range of innovative games being added in the days ahead.

Here’s what’s available right now:

Slingo Britain’s Got Talent

The Saturday night talent show has been reborn as another fabulous Slingo sensation – and this time, you can step into the spotlight!

With the 5×5 Slingo grid, each game lasts 11 spins. Match numbers on the reel with the grid to complete Slingos – and move up the pay table. Look out for the jokers – they’ll allow you to pick a number to match. The more lines you make, the higher the prize potential. Ready to step up and strut your stuff?

Slingo Deal or No Deal

The ever-popular TV game show is more compelling than ever in this outstanding new format – pick your lucky box, then eliminate the red boxes on the grid.

By marking off five boxes vertically, horizontally or diagonally you’ll achieve a Slingo, moving up the Prize Boost Ladder – and multiplying the value of the remaining prizes. And with a Bankers Offer to take or refuse, this could definitely be a big Deal…

Slingo Rainbow Riches

The legendary leprechaun-themed smash hit slot enjoys a whole new dimension with this Slingo spectacular. Spin the slot reel to mark numbers off your 5×5 grid – mark off five numbers in a row and you’ll progress up the bonus ladder!

With a Free Spin bonus, plus Joker, Super Joker and Devil characters offering additional ways to get ahead, this Rainbow is definitely worth following…

Slingo Centurion

You’ll come, you’ll see, you’ll conquer? Roman soldiers often seem to be in vogue when it comes to casino gaming, but with Slingo Centurion, truly this is a battalion-busting romp through the ancient empire.

With the 5×5 slingo grid, try to advance your army further up the bonus ladder on the left of the screen. Advance far enough and you’ll be able to enjoy mighty Centurion features. And look out for the Reelus Maximus bonus, where the first three reels will be filled with colossal symbols. When in Rome…

Monopoly Slingo

The best known board game on the whole planet has returned – and a whirlwind trip around London looks better than ever here.

Traverse the board, landing on properties to remove cards of the same colour from the grid. By collecting every property in a set, you can apply a multiplier to prizes – or even earn additional help from the Community Chest. Bring on that dice action!

Visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots to keep you entertained for now!

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