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Top 6 Slasher Slots!


Top 6 Slasher Slots!

Top 6 Slasher Slots!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the all-new Halloween® online slot, we thought we’d look at the horrible history of scary or slasher-cum-slots…

1. Lost Vegas slot

This zombie-apocalypse slot has been a big hit with players. Part of the appeal is that you can indulge your inner-brain-eater or hero complex. While playing the game, you can select “Zombies” or “Survivors” and play in either mode. Fans of World War Z or The Walking Dead are in for a treat, because this slot is a spectacular gore-fest, full of great features like Zombie Fist of Cash, or the notorious Blackout Bonus, which scans reels for Zombies or Survivors… and with an Elvis Impersonator of the undead variety thrown into the mix, what more could you really ask for from a slot? Infectious? Absolutely…

2. Halloweenies

Maybe on the lighter side, but still not short of a scare or two… this classic slot has been a favourite – all year round – with a devilish cast of witches, monsters and sugary goodness proving a real treat for players with a penchant for pumpkins and Halloween-themed fun.

3. Hellboy

The Hellboy slot has been one of the most successful comic-cum-film-cum-slot transitions we’ve ever seen, with the slot retaining that same devil-may-care style and hardboiled attitude of the films. Now that the Hellboy slot is available on mobile, there’s nothing to stop it becoming one of the all-time popular slots, leaving lesser slots with a snowball’s chance in… you see where we’re going, right? Well, this slot is worthy of the hype and a helluva wild ride…

4. The Twisted Circus

Circuses have always had a dark side, and this game brings out the terrifyingly twisted and surreal, scary and mesmerising… It’s a bit like: What if Todd Browning had made a slot? Well here we have it – Bearded Lady, fire eaters, snake charmers and Siamese twins. We can hardly vouch for the political correctness of this game, but come and spin, savour the freakish fun and be transported to a hidden world of wonders… and musical monkeys.

5. Immortal Romance

We all know the story: boy meets girl, boy bites girl, girl becomes a vampire… or some such variation on that theme. But there’s no denying that vampires are a romantic bunch, and with the likes of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, it seems that they’ve really come of age in a world that’s more about wooing, seduction and being well-dressed than bats and bloodbaths. Meet Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah, our clean-cut vampire quartet looking for love that lasts a lifetime.

6. Oink: Country Love

Say what you want, we think this may be the most horrifying slot of them all… On the surface this game is about the innocuous, hokey love between a couple of country-bumpkin swine. But underlying this happy-go-lucky hoedown there’s a real horror show brewing – we suspect – and things aren’t quite what they seem. Think bacon. Pork chops. Deliverance. Maybe we’re being paranoid, but this slot isn’t for the squealish…

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