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Under the radar – this week: Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger


Under the radar – this week: Dragon Tiger

Under the radar – this week: Dragon Tiger

With a huge range of gambling experiences to be found online, it’s easy to fall into the routine of sticking to the same old games.

But if you’re looking to broaden your horizons and discover more unusual titles, we can help. In this guide to some of the less well-known casino experiences, join us on an intrepid journey through some of the more offbeat games to be found on 32Red!

Dragon Tiger

This Asian-inspired card game is similar to baccarat, except it’s simpler to play. If you’re looking for something different but immediately accessible, you won’t go wrong with Dragon Tiger. Play Dragon Tiger now

To play a round of the game, just choose whether to place a bet on the Dragon or the Tiger – or else back the tie, which occurs when both the Dragon and the Tiger’s hands are the same.

Select the amount you want to bet, and once you’ve placed your bet the dealer will deal a single card to both the Dragon and the Tiger. The highest card wins. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

There are a few extra details you’ll want to know going in, most pressingly the different card values. As you’d expect, higher numbers beat lower numbers. The Ace’s value is a 1, with Jacks worth 11, Queens 12, and Kings the highest value card at 13.

Dragon Tiger

Take on the tie bets for the biggest odds

In terms of payouts, winning on either Dragon or Tiger will result in an even money return. If the game is tied, you’ll receive half your money back if you backed either Dragon or Tiger – but if you back the tie and it comes in, you’ll receive a payout of 11/1.

There is also a suited tie bet which requires both cards to be identical, rather than simply numerically the same. So – two three of spades, for instance. If you back the suited tie and the hand plays out that way, you’ll enjoy a return of 50/1.

This is a pretty rapid-fire game, with hands generally taking less than half a minute to complete. If you’re in the mood for something different – and let’s face it, something that isn’t going to tax the old grey cells too much – Dragon Tiger is definitely worth a shot.

And if you get lucky backing the suited ties, there’s the chance to enjoy some hefty odds winners here, too. Ready to catch this Tiger by the tail? Play Dragon Tiger now

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