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What’s the word on the Jurassic World™ online slot?


What’s the word on the Jurassic World™ online slot?

What’s the word on the Jurassic World™ online slot?

Is Jurassic World going to be the Indominus Rex of slots?

Some said it would never happen, some said it could never live up to the original blockbuster slot Jurassic Park – but it looks like Microgaming are going to silence all those naysayers with what’s pegged to be the smash hit slot of the summer and 2017 – Jurassic World!

When Microgaming signed the deal with Universal movies in 2014, there were some doubts as to what would happen to the Jurassic Park franchise in slot form… however, the Jurassic Park game has become one of the biggest hits in slot history. But the question is, can Jurassic World compete with the staggering success of the first slot? From what we’ve seen, the answer is a roaring – Yes!

Epic is the word doing the rounds regarding the new Jurassic World game. It is set to be the Indominus Rex of slots next to the T-Rex of the original.

Does Jurassic World live up to the movie?

When it comes to bringing big screen hits to the world of slots, Microgaming can be trusted to do the job. Just look at Bridesmaids, Tomb Raider and The Dark Knight Rises, all of which were major successes at the time they were launched. T2, Battlestar Gallactica and Jurassic Park have all been huge slot-office successes too.

Microgaming know just how to translate the adrenaline of the movie directly into the online slot. Typically, you get to see a clip from the movie whenever a set of symbols appear on the reels. If you’ve seen the movie you know there are plenty of memorable scenes that could pop up on the slot, any of which will get the heart racing.

If you are worried that the Jurassic World online slot is going to just be Jurassic Park rehashed, rest assured, Microgaming have come through with all their previous sequels and offered something truly unique. Check out how Tomb Raider 2: Secret of the Sword compared to the first game.

Finally… Jurassic World on mobile casino!

Of course, we do know that that Jurassic World definitely offers more than Jurassic Park in one important way … mobile players are finally going to be able to get their teeth into this spectacular franchise. Playing Jurassic World on mobile casino is going to put this new release epochs ahead of its predecessor, making it look… prehistoric!

Play Jurassic World on your mobile

Jurassic World online slot on mobile!

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