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Zombie Awareness Month: four spectacular slots to get you through the undead apocalypse



Zombie Awareness Month: four spectacular slots to get you through the undead apocalypse

Zombie Awareness Month: four spectacular slots to get you through the undead apocalypse

Sick of pesky zombies trying to eat your brain? Had it up to the back teeth with mouldering, reanimated corpses staggering menacingly in your direction?

Popular culture’s fascination with zombies doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. From TV shows like The Walking Dead to videogames like Resident Evil, the zombie has never loomed larger in the public consciousness.

And now, such is the lure of the evil dead,  Zombie Awareness Month is here, for all your zom-dodging requirements.

Admittedly, the fact that zombies don’t actually exist does have us questioning the need to raise zombie awareness.

Nevertheless, it would be rude not to do our bit. If you live in fear of our streets being overrun by shambling zombie hordes, here’s a few precautions you can take.

In a nutshell – hole up at home, play a few slots, and wait for this whole zombie apocalypse thing to blow over. But what to play in the meantime? Well, let’s stay on theme:

Granny vs Zombies

Imagine The Golden Girls meets The Walking Dead. That’s one hell of an idea for a Hollywood blockbuster, no? What demographic could resist?! Age vs the undead. Brain-eaters tangling with old bats. The living dead limbering up to take on an old lady.

With comedic visuals that depict the determined old Grandmother of the title taking on a horde of rotting creatures of the night, this slot offers jackpots, Multipliers, Free Spins, Granny Wilds – the whole ball of wax. Ready to take on these undead arseholes? Play now

Zombie Carnival

Discover a Carnival that’s all about the carnage! In Zombie Carnival, the quirky new gorefest from Pragmatic Play, undead become fun-dead.

Across a four-row, six-reel set-up, you’ll find some seriously scary clowns and a blood-smeared bear – together with a ringmaster who makes Jacob Rees-Mogg look cuddly. With Free Spins & Mystery Symbols, this frightful freakshow is definitely worth a look. Play now

Day of Dead

A Mexican take on the undead rising from their graves, this release offers sharp visuals and high volatility action, with Wilds, Expanding Wilds – and even a Walking Wild Respin feature.

With Collectable Wild symbols that can help you in your quest for killer combos, this exotic taste on the living dead is easy on the eye, and packed with some terrifying good possibilities for a payout. Play now

Immortal Romance II

Alright, so technically vampires aren’t zombies – but they’re undead, so there’s some kind of shared experience there. It’s like vampires are the egghead intellectuals to the zombie’s dur-brained lack of intelligence.

Besides which, this slot is so piping hot you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out. A beefed up sequel to the hugely popular original, this vamped up adventure offers a range of Free Spins variants, with Multipliers, Wilds & more… Play now

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