All Aces Video Poker

As you might have guessed, this video poker game carries some hefty payouts for hitting 4 Aces. You can play this game by download the 32Red Casino now. Simply click on the All Aces Video Poker logo below to begin.

Aces are truly Kings with All Aces Video Poker, and what jumps out at you from the pay table is the huge x2000 (two thousand) mulitplier player reward for playing 5 coins and hitting Four of A Kind with Aces.

All Aces Video Poker is played using one standard deck of 52 cards which are shuffled after each game. Like all video poker games the player does not compete against other players but must use the cards that have been dealt, and those that are exchanged, to build the strongest poker hand. Payouts are proportional to the strength of the hand, ranging from a pair of jacks to 4 Aces.

Four of A Kind wins are all very well rewarded with All Aces Video Poker, the following returns are possible when playing 5 coins:

  • Four of A Kind Aces pays 2000 times
  • 2’s, 3’s and 4’s Four of A Kinds pays 500 times
  • 5’s through to Kings pays 250 times

All very tidy payouts for a Video Poker game designed for specifically reward Aces!

All Aces Video Poker is available at the 32Red Casino although we do offer 16 different Video Poker games at the 32Red online casino too.


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