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Alley Cats

Street cats with a love for tenpin bowling star in this slot machine. These hip moggies use makeshift lanes and pins to strike their way to a feast of trashcan leftovers whilst you spin to a fortune in coins.

Alley Cats sports 5 reels and 9 paylines and is powered by one of gaming’s best gambling engines. The reel action is smooth, the payline and features generous and the whole package is finished with first-class design, artwork and sounds. The result is a funny, professional and fun slot machine of the highest order.

There are no gutter balls in Alley Cats, just bonus features, big wins and a lot of slot fun. Watch for feline and bowling symbols - line ‘em up and you’ll strike it rich. As the scatter and wild symbol “The Strike” is the centre to big coin wins in Alley Cats. It can trigger 20 free spins and a massive x100 multiplier, which can be doubled in an off-screen bonus game! You can bowl three times and choose 3 targets (pins) from 6 made up of alley trash – including a poor old captive Chihuahua (these alley cats don’t mess about!). Pick wisely and boost your credit with the jackpot of 50,000 coins!


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