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Bar Bar Black Sheep

Yes sir, yes sir it’s the 32Red Casino’s Bar Bar Black Sheep online Slot Machine! Bar Bar Black Sheep is a three reel, one payline, and three coin game available at the 32Red Download Casino.Spin this game's reels now by downloading our casino software. Simply click on the Bar Bar Black Sheep game logo below to begin.

Reel 1 is a Bar….Reel 2 is a Bar….Reel 3 is a Black Sheep symbol and you collect enough for the little boy down the road, or 1600 coins when playing the 3rd coin slot. That's right, get your three bags full by playing Bar Bar Black Sheep. Enjoy the game's wild multiplier symbol, the handy Wool scatter symbol (just one means you win!) - plus any bar combination will payout. As one of the most generous 3 reel slots in the casino, Bar Bar Black Sheep is defiitely one to try.

Look out for the Black Sheep symbol as its the game's wild multiplier symbol, meaning it substitutes for other symbols to complete more winning combinations for you during the game - plus the Black Sheep symbol triples the payout of any combination it completes apart from the Bar Bar Black Sheep combination itself.

Don't be sheepish, dip into the casino for a spin of Bar Bar Black Sheep's reels - you won't be dissapointed! Join 32Red online casino today and take advantage of our latest welcome bonus.


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