Basketball Star

Get ready to feel the electric atmosphere of an all-star match with the Wild Shot feature. This Base Game feature, set to become a fan favourite, randomly turns up to 2 Reels Wild, awarding a guaranteed win!

Rolling Reels™ is called-up in both Base Game and Free Spins. This hair-raising feature changes the way that you play Online Slots, as all winning symbols explode and the symbols above roll down into play, sending your potential to win way into overdrive. Any wins scored from a roll in Rolling Reels™ will also explode, offering the potential for multiple rolls and multiple wins on a single spin.

Secondly, the Wild Shot feature works in conjunction with Rolling Reels™, so that when the Wild Shot feature is triggered, entire Reels can explode and new symbols will drop down, giving you a whole new chance to win. It’s like scoring extra time on every win!

Slam dunk 3 or more Scatters in the Base Game and trigger up to 25 Free Spins. Steal a win like never before inside this exhilarating feature, as the more wins you receive from Rolling Reels™, the higher your multiplier shoots up the Multiplier Trail to an amazing 10x!

With bets as low as 0.50, payouts as high as 120 000.00 and over 40 Wild symbols positioned across the Reels the whistle is ready to be blown on this breathtaking matchup.


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