Cash Clams - Online Slot

Cash Clams is a classic 3 reel, 1 payline slot machine that combines a great wild feature, sealife and timeless "7" and "BAR" symbols. With patience the wild symbol will prove invaluable and it wont be long until you hit some of the bigger prizes.

The secret to Cash Clams is maximum bet and the clams. These handy little mollusks are wild and will complete the winning payline for you by filling in for any missing symbols. These little, strangely coloured clams are a good way of making sure that, in time, you land one of the bigger payouts, if not the biggest one of 5000 coins!

Not only is the clam wild but its also a multiplier. One clam on the payline will subsequently double your winnings, two will quadruple it and three, well, you'd have hit the jackpot of over 5000! That's an awful lot of coin for a 3 reel slot machine, especially with such a generous wild symbol!


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