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Crazy Chameleons - Online Slot

Crazy Chameleons is a 5 reel and 5 payline slot machine that has a whacky chameleon theme.

The theme's really a mixed bag, and true to the game's name, it really is just a disguise to what is a truly generous slot machine. So if the theme doesn't sound too appealing, play this one just for the great slot features and generous action. Just check out how much you could land on the Crazy Chamleons reels below:

Crazy Chamelons Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Crazy Chameleons -- 50 500 5,000
Sun -- 30 300 3,000
Seagull -- 20 200 2,000
Swimming Trunks -- 7 70 700
Surfboard -- 6 60 600
King -- 5 50 500
Queen -- 4 40 400
Jack 2 3 30 300
Ten 1 2 10 100

Crazy Chameleons comes with one slot feature that is the key to tapping into the game's big coin-winning payouts. Look for the wild symbol (you can't help but spot it, it's simply just called WILD) and it will replace any missing symbols from a winning payline combination and win the player more.

The perfect slot for beginners to the 5 reel slot format and for those converting from 3. With no confusing payline combination, or bonus games detracting from the reel action, Crazy Chameleons is a slot for slot purists.

Simply launch the instant-play casino now and look for Crazy Chameleons in the lobby to begin spinning those reels.


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