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Crocodopolis Slot Machine

Crocodopolis invites you to travel back in time to the Nile, when Egypt was ruled by a pharoah with a crocodile head (this is not strictly factual!...). This 25 line 5 reel Video Slot boasts colourful graphics, mesmerising animations and inspiring sounds that will capture your imagination.

This great slot brings you a powerful innovative game feature called the Slide a Wild. This patented feature gives you manual control over the placement and behavior of certain symbols, in this case the wild (or substitute) symbol. Moving the slider away from reel 1 increases the game volatility and the POWER of the wild is increased.

When the slider is on reel 1, the wild appears in reel 1 as a wild with X2 multiplier. Slide it along to reel 2, and the wild transforms into a X3 multiplier when on reel 2.

With the slider on reel 3, the wild appears as an expanding wild on reel 3, and while on reel 4, wilds appearing on this reel become expanding wilds with X3 multiplier. Slide it all the way to reel 5 and the wild appears in ALL positions on reel 5 with a x3 multiplier.

A truly unique video slot, Crocodopolis hands you total control and the power to win! There is no other slot like it!


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