Double Double Bonus Poker - Video Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker is fantastic new variant of video poker at 32Red. Based on the game of draw poker, this game is simple, entertaining and very rewarding.

As with other video poker games, the concept is to build the strongest poker hand from cards issued by the machine and not to compete against any other player, computer or human. To build a winning hand, the player must use the initial five cards or take advantage of an opportunity to "hold" some and acquiring new ones from the machine. Note: a player cannot have any more than 5 cards per hand. Video poker isn't all about luck. It's useful knowing the strengths of the poker hands and a knowledge of the probability of recieving/building them.

This version of video poker comes with added features for four-of-a-kind hands, with corresponding increased payouts dependant on the 4 cards.

There are a toral of 5 versions of Double Double Bonus Poker; the classic one hand version and four others with 100, 50, 10 and 4 hands per game - enough video poker action to keep even the most enthusiastic dab hand entertained.


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