Double Magic Online Slot

Double Magic is a game based on sound slot machine foundations, including popular features and "7" and "Cherry" symbols everyone recognises. However, this slot comes in several versions including Megaspin, where you can can play multiple reels per game! All of a sudden Double Magic is not your usual machine...

Double Magic's multi-reel ability makes it truly unique and it is a feature that can't be found in regular "bricks & mortar" casinos. As such, it is one of 32Red's favourites, with thousands of aficionados.

All the reels you spin in Double Magic have three-reels and a single payline. You can bet up to two coins per spin and there is a maximum payout of 1,600 coins in any one game. The Megaspin version, with its multiple spinning reels, can be intimidating initially with so much going on on-screen, but if you stick with it, the game and the frequency of winning lines makes for an exciting gaming experience. If, however, you want to stick to the single game machine (below) you will love the simplicity and fun of a classic slot game.

Look out for the Blue Stars in the game as they're wild, meaning they'll substitute missing symbols and complete winning paylines. They'll reward you in the form of a lot of coins being deposited into your credits! So if it's a classic slot you're after, or something a little different, Double Magic can satisfy your gaming needs.


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