Floridita Fandango

Get a taste for the summer and the highlife with the tasty slot, Floridita Fandango. A classic 3 reel and single payline, these slots are easy to play and very generous. So take a sip of this sweet slot and let the good times...spin!

Cheerful and unreservedly bright, Floridita Fandango makes a lasting impact. Simply spin the 3 reels to line up wins across the game's one payline, and with just seven symbols playing slots doesn't come easier. Don't be fooled by its simplicity though, Floridita Fandango has a mighty jackpot for a game where wins are hit frequently. Land the three Floridita Fandango drinks and take away 2,500 coins on max bet.

Helping you to lots a fantastic wins is the Cherry. Just one needs to appear in the payline for you to get your bet back, two and you'll be quids in and three better off by 30 coins on max bet. Helping you keep plenty of credit in your balance for the jackpot, this symbol really is the cherry on top!


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