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A nostalgic slot if ever there was one, Ghostbusters Plus, bursts on to the 32Red Casino floor- certainly no relic of the past, despite the retro graphics trying to trick you into thinking so. With multiple fun and new features, prizes galore and low bets, this cracking new additional is a sizzler of a Slot. Spin from 25p all the way up to a whopping max bet of £750 across 5x3 reels and 20 lines as you join the team and get ready to bust some ghosts, trigger battles, get ghostly wild events and level up to unlock new ghostbusting equipment. Are you ready for some hair-raising payouts?

How to Play Ghostbusters Plus Slot

  1. Log into your 32Red account.
  2. Search Ghostbusters Plus
  3. Click on the game, set your bet level and click spin.

Ghostbusters Plus Slot Paytable

The aim of the game is to land 3-5 symbol combinations that trigger payouts or bonus rounds. The payouts are midrange, but what really makes Ghostbusters Plus worth a spin is the ghost battles and level-up feature which unlocks new wilds, and ghostbusting equipment with each consecutive level. Use of the equipment is randomly rewarded, depending on your level and helps you to capture the ghosts.

Ghostbusters Plus Slot Bonus Rounds and Special Symbols

Whilst the base game payouts are respectable, what you’re really aiming for is the bonus rounds that provide all of the action in this game.

Ghost Battle Feature

Land a ghost symbol to trigger a ghost battle, win by zapping the ghoul through dropping ghost wilds into the queue. Once the ghost’s health is depleted the first Ghost Wild in your queue is awarded to the next paid spin.

You’ll unlock different Ghost Wilds as you level up, they can be Multiplier Wilds, Expanding Wilds or award Multiple Wild symbols- the game rules are a little complex here, but all you really need to know it that the more you play this Slot, the better the rewards and prizes get.

Zuul Free Spins

The most epic battle of all, collect 3 Bonus symbols to trigger 5 Zuul Free Spins each with individual types of Ghost Wild, you can re-trigger up to a total of 25 spins.

Level Up Plus Feature

Every time you take down a Ghost in battle, you’ll level up to unlock all the features explained above. Each new level is more worthwhile than the last in terms of payback for playing. Levelling up unlocks 9 new ghosts, 12 new features, and progress can be saved in line with responsible gambling!

This is one of the more innovative and exciting Slots on the market and is exactly what players look for; more complex and interactive gameplay! Want to try out similar titles? Check out Cleopatra Plus and Wheel of Fortune On Tour!

Read more about this awesome slot on our 32Red Blog. Come and play it at 32Red Casino and see if you've got the luck of the Irish!


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