Gladiators Gold - Online Slot

Battle the reels in this top slot machine and win a fortune in coins with 32Red.

A step up from the standard 3 reel machine, Gladiators Gold has new features which will entertain those that have mastered 3 reel slots, or beginners who like to play on the edge. With 3 paylines, Gladiators Gold means higher stakes but more opportunities and slot fun.

Set to classic slot architecture and design, Gladiators Gold has generous BAR symbols and 7's that will have you spinning time and time again as they fall into up to 3 paylines. The jackpot is set at 2,000 coins, which is very generous considering the sums received from the "any BAR" feature, where landing three consecutive BAR's will result in some serious coin, and the frequency of sizeable wins from the three paylines.


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