High Streak European Blackjack Gold

Joining 32Reds distinguished suite of table games this month is High Streak European Blackjack Gold. This great blackjack variant comes with an additional side bet that greatly increases your winnings.

Blackjack has long been a casino favourite, with millions of players the world over. As a leading international online casino, 32Red offers an array of blackjack variants, some of which offer a unique twist on the original game. With so many to chose from in our casino lobby we’re sure we have an online blackjack game to suit all tastes, including our new High Streak European Blackjack Gold.

This great blackjack includes a High Streak, which is a side bet that runs parallel to the normal game. It is triggered when the player wins a game. A subsequent win (known as a High Streak win) will return the side bet at evens (1:1). A second win will mean a win ratio of 2:1, a third 5:1 and a fourth win means a staggering 10:1 and all on top of the normal game's blackjack winnings! This exciting feature adds greatly to the blackjack game and can certainly enhance your credit quickly. This combined with quality graphics and blackjack gameplay dynamics means High Streak European Blackjack Gold is a real winner.

So Start the New Year in style with 32Red’s latest table game and arguably the finest variant of blackjack.


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