Joker Poker Level Up - Video Poker

Joker Poker Level Up is the same, high quality Joker Poker game engine with additional tiered multiplier bonuses. The two combined make this the ultimate Joker Poker game and one all video poker player's should try.

Joker Poker Level Up, like all video poker, is a game of chance played only against the machine with no other other players involved. Based on five card draw poker, the player will have to build a poker hand from the initial five cards dealt and during one opportunity to exchange them (known as the draw). If a player's hand is a strong enough it will mean a fixed payout according to bet size; in Joker Poker Level Up payouts are guaranteed from just a Pair of Kings!

The Level Up comes into effect after a winning hand, i.e. any hand that pays out, by activating the multiplier bonus feature. Further wins after the initial one will be multiplied by the stipulated multiplier amount, with 4 successive payouts meaning any coin wins will be multiplied by 8 times! But wait, there's more...Any win can be doubled or even quadrupled in the Joker Poker Level Up gamble option! Simply predict the colour of the next playing card drawn at random for a x2 bonus, or the correct suit for a massive x4 multiplier.

Even more payouts can be bagged with the all-important joker. Acting wild, it will substitute itself to form the best poker hand from the other, none-wild cards. Meaning the player will win more often and, with that x8 Level Up bonus, a lot more money.


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