Jurassic Jackpot Slot

Jurassic Jackpot is timeless fun based on the classic 3 reel, single payline slot machine design.

Bold, colourful designs await you in Jurassic Jackpot, with the symbols all clearly drawn. It's definitely easy on the eye, which ultimately leads to a more enjoyable online slot experience. Plus accompanying every spin is a great jungle sound which builds the atmosphere and suspense as you await the jackpot.

Speaking of the jackpot, Jurassic Jackpot's drops on landing three jurassic jackpot symbol - the yellow circle with the silouette of a T-Rex. Doing so will net you 1600 coin on max bet!

Jurassic Jackpot's generosity is evident also through the red flower symbol. If one of these falls into the payline then you'll immediately be rewarded, regardless of what comes before or after it. Plus three BAR's of any size will also bag you more money!

It's 3 reels and single payline means Jurassic Jackpot is an ideal beginner machine, allowing a player to learn the ropes before progressing on to the more complicated 5 reel machines. However, sacraficing reel number won't impact on your game-play, with Jurassic Jackpot as rewarding as any of the bigger machines, bar the progressive jackpot games.


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