K9 Capers - Online Slot

K9 Capers is a slot classic. Jammed to the rafters with winning features, stunning artwork and humour, this pooch of a game is set to a fantastic doggy theme that will have you spinning with a smile fixed to your face.

With five reels and a whopping 30 paylines, K9 Capers has all the slot game play even the most experienced player will need. The excellent game dynamic is accompanied by a wonderfully designed, vibrant backdrop and symbol artwork, making it look like and feel like the complete slot package. But K9 Capers is a breed apart in terms of jackpot, with an enormous 120,000 coins to be won on max bet - a sum that will have you howling at the moon and chasing your tail with delight!

The game centres on Butch’s dogged efforts to find Fifi – K9 Caper’s doggy Femme Fatale. On the reels Butch’s longing searches could result in some big winnings, but it is the bonus game that really sets this slot machine apart from the rest. Lining up three Fifi symbols launches the ‘find Fifi’ game. Pick from numerous likely hiding locations to help Butch find her, however, the more spots you pick the lower your prize will be. Find Fifi on your first go and your bet amount will be multiplied 100 times!

Finally, and what tips K9 Capers into the classic category, is the gamble option available after any win. Choose either the correct colour or suit of the next card drawn randomly from a deck of cards to boost your winnings. Choosing the correct colour will double your coin but selecting the right suit will quadruple them! Play this feature right and you can turn a moderate win into something special.


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